Cannabis Sustainability Concerns 

For a lot of growers, there are people who are curious about environmental impacts, and what you can get to make organic farming a reality. Cannabis cultivation is definitely not an exception to a lot of bad farming that happens a lot when you’re working with cannabis. Some people use the wrong fertilizers, and they also may not actively try to conserve water so that there is some sustainability there. This is something that should be monitored however, since it let you protect the planet better, and offer better sustainability for your own needs.

Phytosanitary Items

Insecticides and fungicides that are phytosanitary are something that a lot of people need to go for. If you’re using too much of this, it may impact the growing of the area around the plant, but also the microbes within your growing media. If you’re using phytosanitary items, you want to keep it minimal, and also use different organic items that improve your environment. If you do use this responsibly, you’ll make a large difference with the cultivation of cannabis. Incorrect application does impact the fauna of what’s there, and also, allelopathy do go a long ways away in most cases in terms of keeping the pests minimized, and also is something worth paying a little bit of mind to.

The best sustainable Fertilizers

You want fertilizers that are sustainable. The problem, however, is that a lot of people will get mineral fertilizers, which people tend to abuse, and this leads to a lot of problems for the environment. This is something that we should work to change a little bit, and also understand that if we’re more ecological, we can manage crops better. 100% organic fertilizers is something to strive for, but they’re also something that does impact the growing, and also improves the soil too, which does create worthwhile benefits for everyone involved, improving the quality of life. Fertilizers do have a carbon footprint to them, but a lot of times, utilizing local fertilizer products is the best way to get the real results that’ll help you. Guano is actually one of the best ways to fertilize your plants and is better than putting phosphorus there. Bat guano is sustainable, and it ca really help you get some real results. You should also look at the origins of the fertilizers that we purchase, since we can’t reduce the footprint we make even with local sources. You want to get nutrients that are high quality, and something that’s good for a lot of people. Being sustainable is the way to go, and this is one of the first steps to really make this work.


Finally, you want to also look at the substrate used for this. Cocoa cair, a coco fiber, or a peat mixture is probably the best type of way to grow, but you should also look at the quality of the substrate in general, and you want something that’s filled with microbes that are beneficial for the area. Substrates are also best in pots made of fabric, and something that’s biodegradable. It’s a bit higher than plastic potted mediums, but this is something that’s more sustainable, easy to reuse, and offers better development of plants and storage, so very much worth investing in! Do make sure as well that you avoid watering too much, and it’s something that will definitely benefit from all of these really good changes. Overwatering is so common for a lot of people, and it’s something that definitely should also be worked to be avoided when you’re looking to offer greener alternatives.

Strains of Medicinal Cannabis

Therapeutic or medicinal cannabis has seen a huge growth in some years recently, and thousands treat the illness and other problems with this plant, or the extracts that come from this. Thee are more and more users encouraging this effective measure, and it’s offered more and more efforts by seedbank sand breeders to create the hybrids with some amazing ratios including CBD, THC, and also CBG too. There are tons of strains used for medical uses, and with CBD growing in popularity, along with THC and CBD, there are different varieties and ratios that come with this, and here, we’ll give you the best strains possible to help you with your medical concerns. Below are some of the best strains for medical uses.

Best Medicinal Strains

Pennywise is a hybrid sativa with a 70% mix between these two. A mix between jack the ripper and harlequin, this is called pennywise by subcool the dank, and it offers a very high level of both CBD and THC, about 15% in most cases. It has a pretty moderate yield and height, so it’s versatile, able t be used both inside and outside, whether you’re a greenhouse grower or otherwise. Cream caramel is another one, and this is one that offers either 9% or 17% CBD in this, and a little bit lower of different THC that comes with this. With it ready after 8 weeks of it flowering, this is something that comes mostly from the dominant indica strain in it. It’s much more 1:2 THC to CBD ratio too, so if you don’t want a bunch of effects from this, it’s a good thing to check out. Dark Rose is one that’s auto flowering and is mostly indica but offers a simple ratio of both CBD and THC, only about 8% for each of these. It does have a harvest that occurs about 9 weeks post germination too. Cheesy auto CBD is another one that has a perfect 1:1 ratio, and the CBD and THC is about 7% of this. It’s a great one for a lot of people and has actually won awards as a great auto flowering strain too. With hot potent it is because of the exodus cheese clone nature of this, it stands out and is much higher than a ton of other varieties too. Fruity jack is one that has THC that’s about 20% and the CBD is about 11%, and this is one that’s a combination of Jack the Ripper and respect #13, and this is a very powerful parental type of strain and it works in the same way as this. It’s got a very intense smell to it’ that’s like ripe fruit, and it’s really good for production both inside and outside. Then there is black lights CBD, and it’s a cross between harlequin and northern lights, and it is also auto flowering too. This can reach about 15% THC levels, and the CBD content hits anywhere from 1:1 and 2:1 as well, so it’ll have double the THC compared to the CBD in this. Finally, you’ve got sweet love, which is great for those who want something therapeutic, and it produces various products with about 16% THC levels in most cases, and the CBD sits around 10% of the content of this. With the fruity and sweet nature of these flavors, it’s great for those who want something that makes them feel happy and is perfect for daily use. These medicinal strains are great for a variety of reasons, and you’ll learn a little bit about why that is through this.