CBD from Orange Peels 

CBD from Orange Peels 

With more and more people assuming the only way to get CBD is from cannabis, this misconception has impacted the industry, especially hemp users. They think that cannabidiol is something that is only gotten from hemp. But the thing is, this is something that’s actually great to get from other means. One of these, is orange peels. 

Cannabinoids were assumed to be too unstable to be properly synthesized, and the only way to get this is from the cannabis plant itself. But with some terpenes found in some plants, it could be found that there might be other molecules in this as well. A new kind of means called the cyclic terpene assembly that offers ways to make these compounds avail bile to both consumers and research test is novel, not something seen prior to this. 

This is a more “natural way to get cannabis, and it doesn’t utilize toxic different solvents that will strip away a lot of parts, but instead is more natural, and it doesn’t have the contamination of various pesticides, heavy metals, or even mycotoxins that are usually in this, and are instead removed completely from the equation. 

This is something that offers a bunch of therapeutic benefits, and it’s a good way to offer pure, consistent CBD, and this is something that’s managed to create a real situation that would otherwise be but a dream. 

Citrus-Derived CBD 

This is something that’s actually in a lot of the perfumes that you have and whatnot.  Think about it, have you ever had a nice little lemony scent from when you have something citrus-y? well, you can thank limonene for this, which is something that’s available in a ton of different cannabis strains out there. 

This is something that’s considered aromatic in terms of compounds, and this is something that’s similar in terms of the structure, both limonene and CBD are almost the same in a sense. It’s got the same chemical bonds, boiling points, and other attributes that really do make a difference for those interested in this chemical as well. 

Limonene is very powerful as an antioxidant; however, it does lack some of the more unique aspects to this that actually make CBD the powerful compound that it is. It does naturally work with certain brain receptors too, and CBD as well has a high level of affinity for your TRP receptors, which are important for the sensation of pain along with inflammatory conditions as well. This is something that definitely is very interesting to note too. 

It utilizes what’s called cyclic terpene as a way so take the limonene out of the peels, rebuilding this as an extract that’s got pure CBD inside of it.  The molecule that’s used for this not only makes it a useful product from something that’s typically considered waste for this, but it also does help with addressing some of the major problems that go with the international market for CBD, since there are concerns about growing this kind of market due to the strain that cannabis can have on this, since it’s hard to get it in certain countries due to the legal implications. 

Cyclic terpene assembly is an interesting technique, and it is something that utilizes various rates of cooling to make sure that it produces the cannabinoids that are bioidentical from the terpenes used. 

Terpenes such as limonene are then changed at a level that’s molecular just through kinetic motions.  That means CO2, ethanol, or any of the other residual additives that are normally in CBD are not there, but instead, it’s just the CBD from the peels that are there. 


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