Solventless Vs. Cannabis Products that are “solvent-free” 

Solventless Vs. Cannabis Products that are “solvent-free” 

For a lot of cannabis users, you’ve probably heard of something that’s either solvent-free or solventless. While similar, many think they’re the same thing, but that’s not the same, and they actually have some gross differences worth mentioning as well. 

Solvent-Free Cannabis Concentrates 

So how is something solvent-free? Well, pretty much all of the solvents are taken out of the concentrate before it’s sold to you. This means that yes, they are still using solvents during the extraction process, but they have all of the solvents taken out before it’s on the shelf of the dispensary, and this is a major difference between solventless, which never utilized solvents at any stage. 

Solventless Concentrate Options 

Basically, these concentrates have the terpenes and cannabinoids taken out of the flower, to the point where it is pure concentrates, however it doesn’t use butane, ethanol, or propane to do this. This basically means that not a single ounce of solvent was put in this. The cool thing about this is that it’s actually getting a lot of ore popular. While solventless concentrates are a bit new, the extraction process has been around for a long time. So what are some good examples of solventless. 

Hash: The Beginning 

One of the first concentrates that’s actually been used is hashish, which is something that was incredibly popular in the middle east along with India, and it is said to originate from there. This is pretty much the grandfather of cannabis concentrates, since the flavor profile is quite extensive, and it’s potent too. 

Basically, the process for this utilizes isolating the different trichomes that are in the cannabis plant away from the plant itself. This is done usually by rubbing the bud a bit, typically between your fingers. Nowadays, we use screens to separate this much quicker. Once this has been collected, this created hash bricks that were used as edibles, smoked, or even create rosin when they’re pressed with heat utilized. It’s a ton of work, and it’s something that a lot of early cannabis markets utilized. 

Solventless Live Rosin with Water 

Another cool way to extract is through water. Ice water specifically is one of the best ways to separate the plant from the trichomes. This is basically harvested, thrown in the freezer to maintain the terpenes, and from there, the trichomes are then taken out, and from there they flash-freeze the entirety of the flower through water extraction, removing the trichomes which are resinous, without needing to being forth plant material that’s not wanted, creating hash slurry as a result. 

Hash slurry is pressed and dried through hate along with pressure to offer cannabinoids along with terpenes, and this basically provides what’s called the full-spectrum types of concentrate that don’t use solvents and is basically one of the most tried and true types of ways to get a concentrate that’s almost exactly like the cannabis plant that comes from this. 

Although this is a newer extraction method, it’s become insanely popular due to the fact that it doesn’t utilize chemicals to make this happen. Usually, this uses distillate oil, since this is a premium way to actually vaporize true cannabis concentrate, getting all of the cannabinoids in place to get a truly refined and different sort of product. 

With that said, talk to your budtender about both of these find out where you can get them, and from there see if you want to try possibly a solventless type. If you want solvent-free, you can get that too, but now you know the difference between each of these products. 


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