Cannabis legalization is definitely changing the amount of growing that’s been happening, and a lot of cultivation means are now utilizing major changes, and it’s less of a black market, but a legalized market. This is something that’s been quite popular for those who have a green thumb and grow. 

However, it can be ruined if you do not make sure that you focus on making sure that you have the right growing medium for this. It’s quite hard to harvest these too, since you sit right between getting a great product with good buds, and also making sure that the plants are taken care of.  Also, you want to avoid predators quite quickly too! Here are some tips to harvest the perfect cannabis plants

When should you Harvest? 

This ultimately depends on the strain. Some of them have different traits, and sometimes when you buy it, you’ll learn about when it should be harvested, usually right before the beginning of fall. This is mostly just a suggestion, and it’s also determined by the factors on the seed packet. 

However, you can look at this to figure this one out too.  Get a magnifying glass and look at the plant, staring at the terpenes that are on there. When you look at the cannabis plant, you’ll see stalked trichome glands, and oftentimes is covered in resin.  You’ll see that in the harvest stages the trichomes become almost an amber or milky color to this, and it can change a bit more once it’s more opaque. 

Safety and Climate Issues 

You also may want to look at the climate that goes into harvesting the strain. Some people may live in areas where they flower a lot faster, and you may want to also look as well for if it’s going to rain, as you want to avoid those types of periods of time.  if you want to use something that is long flowering however, you can harvest this usually around October without too many issues. 

There is also a big problem of cannabis theft, which is becoming more and more prevalent, and is happening quite often. Some may also look at that too. 

Ways to Harvest 

There are a few ways for you to harvest this, and you can definitely take some time to ensure that you’re able to protect and get the best results possible from the plant. First is pruning, which is basically something that’s done by the top area. For those areas that are humid, some are a little bit more subjected to fungi when they flower. You need to prune these to improve the circulation of the air and lower chances for future infections. 

You also might want to look at possibly also factoring the nutrition into this. Most people don’t feed their plants about a week or two before you harvest them. this is because it lets them “use up” the reserves of nutrients. This actually does impact the flavor and aroma, so you want to stop using fertilizers around 15 days before the harvest date that’s there. If they’re turning a yellowish color, don’t freak out. 

You also should look at making sure that you also do use what’s called a root stimulator during the last few weeks, to boost the immune system of your plants, and make it less subjected to fungi or other stressors.With that said, harvesting the plants is actually quite easy, and a lot of people are definitely going to benefit from this. And it will in fact making things simple, effective, and easy for you.